EBHS Book Study

A page for ramblings on the first ever staff book studies to be conducted at EBHS.

Book #1 (Winter-Spring 2015):  When Kids Can’t Read, What Teachers Can Do,  by Kylene BeersKylene Beers book

Read about how we met the book we are studying.

Read about the idea to do a book study.

Read about our final take-aways after finishing the book.

Read about our tangible school-wide outcome from reading this book

Read about the legacy of our book study “EBHS Word List” project after semester 1


Book Study #2 (Fall 2015):  Brain Rules, by John Medina

Brain Rules by John Medina

Wow! 13 EBHS teachers will be meeting to discuss Brain Rules and education this fall!  So much more exciting to learn together!



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