Being Reflective: #IMMOOC Week 2

I am doing my best to take part in #IMMOOC Season 2 : a world-wide digital book study based on The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros. It is week 2.

As I ponder the Innovator’s Mindset graphic below trying to decide which characteristic I most exemplify in my teaching/ learning environment, I am drawn to #3 “risk taker”.  Just for curiosity,  I decide to go back through my blog archives to see what I chose in #IMMOOC Season 1 back in September. Turns out I chose the same characteristic and wrote the post “Risk Taking And Resilience Cycle” IMMOOC Week 28-characteristics-of-the-innovators-mindset

Looking back, since then I had an opportunity to take somewhat of a risk when I was asked to pilot the use of Chromebooks in our school division.  It wasn’t really difficult to say yes to the opportunity of having a set of 30 Chromebooks stationed in my classroom. It wasn’t difficult to say yes, since Chromebooks aren’t “new technology” but are actually commonplace in many learning environments.

So the Chromebooks aren’t a big “risk-taking” effort, but I did stretch myself in a pledge to reflectively blog about the process. (See #8- Reflective!)  The timing was terrible as my semester was a crazy busy one and it was December, yet looking back from even a few months on, writing about the implementation process has been valuable. When I go back and re-read, I notice that I had captured initial thoughts and reactions that I had already forgotten about. Our district technology guys have used the posts to adjust and refine the technology from the division office end. I’m not sure if my principal actually read the posts, but because I had so systematically thought about the Chromebooks and the implementation process, I was quickly able to sell him on why it would be a good idea to go ahead and buy more Chromebooks to replace some of our dying technology.

So, my take-away: risk-taking, even in moderation, is amplified when you take the time to think and write reflectively about the process.


6 thoughts on “Being Reflective: #IMMOOC Week 2

  1. I think that’s a great risk! In & of itself having the Chromebooks around isn’t too risky, but it’s what you choose to do with them. What you choose to change and try, and if that makes something better. Then of course, your reflections! :0) I know I’m guilty of not digging deep enough into that. it’s weird, as I’m a very reflective person! Good luck on your adventure, and please share cool things you try!

    • Thanks for your comments! I do agree that sitting down to ‘officially reflect’, such as in a blog post, is such an extra effort. Over the years though, I feel that my ‘trail of learning’ as reflected in my blog posts has been something very valuable to proving that I am moving forward, especially on those days that it feels like I am spinning my wheels.

  2. Piloting something is totally taking a risk, and the choice to blog about the experience is a great reflective practice. Today I was talking to a colleague about a blog post I was thinking about doing, and she said that she thought I had written on the topic already. Sure enough, last year I did a post, but my understanding has changed/grown, and I feel it’s a good time to revisit the topic. Keep amplifying your practice and learning with posts! It’s a great experience!

    • Thanks for the comment, Brian! It gets lonely blogging to the wall paper!
      I totally connect with your ‘having written on a topic’…. but you’ve changed since then! In fact, I feel that one of the most powerful reasons that teachers should blog is to leave a trail of where our ideas have been. For me, it’s been proof that I’m growing and changing and sometimes even innovating!

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