Chromebooks: New Life for Old Mice

This bin of old mice has been sitting neglected on top of our old lap top cart for years. The old laptops (netbooks) are only used in the most desperate of circumstances, and this old collection of cast off mice likely hasn’t been touched in over a year.


Old mice get new life

At the end of the semester, we used the Chromebooks for a research project with a presentation done in either Powerpoint online (Period 4) or Google Slides (Period 5). When students were ready to put images into their presentations, very few could get the Chromebook track pad to cooperate.  I myself, could barely get an image loaded using the Chromebook track pad.

Luckily, I remembered that there existed an old bin of mice, and was able to track them down.  This was an instant solution to our picture problem, and almost all students chose to plug a mouse into the USB port to continue.  Since then, some students have even chosen to add a mouse to their Chromebook even when they are doing assignments that basically require typing.

Thanks for whomever had the foresight to imagine that this bin of old mice might still have some usefulness!


2 thoughts on “Chromebooks: New Life for Old Mice

  1. Hi Cammie! I really liked the idea of the students using Chromebooks for a research project! Involving technology is a great way to engage students, especially when they are given the opportunity to show their individual creativity and interest to a greater level. I am glad that the old mice were able to come to use to correct the Chromebook track pad issue! It is always a smart idea to hold onto technology that is considered to be outdated because often they can come in use! Have the Chromebooks caused any other isssues to you and your students? Again, I love the use of technology in the classroom! Thanks, Chloe Herman

    • Thanks for the insights, Chloe.
      SD76 has used Chromebooks for a few years, but they’re new to our division, so our tech team at division office is working hard to work out lots of little kinks.
      One issue was that we couldn’t print from them, but I just got a phone call this week and we tested a solution to see if it worked at our school, and it did. Another problem solved!
      Although, Thursday I tried to have students insert photos which they tried to take with the Chromebooks -this still needs some problem solving. Ex. It’s hard to take a picture of a project from a from only camera!
      Were we using iPads at all in the classroom when you were still at EBHS? Chromebooks will hopefully replace essay writing on iPads at our schoo.

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