Chromebooks and the Substitute Teacher

I did something with my sub plans recently that I would not have dreamed of doing in the past few years: I had my students type important in-class essay exams with the “portable technology” with a substitute teacher.

Chromebooks are so reliable that I took this risk.  I would NEVER have left a sub with this task a month ago when we had to rely on using Office 365 on the iPads.

There were a few steps I took to help this process go more smoothly.

  1. I had the class (who had not yet used the Chromebooks for writing an essay) totally set up their new document the day before. We named it and shared it, so that all they would have to do is open Office 365 and start typing.
  2. I created step by step visual instructions on the SMART board for the next day when students would have to find their way back to the document.

I was pretty confident this would work and it did! Every single student successfully completed their document. (One exception was a student that I have in another class who was absent on the set up day; he chose to use Google Docs as that is what his other class was using to type and share with me.)

Not only that, but because students had shared their documents, I was able to mark all of their essays online before the end of Christmas break without having to travel to school to get their work.


5 thoughts on “Chromebooks and the Substitute Teacher

    • In trying to be open minded about Office 365, I’ve kept using it in side by side comparison ( Period 4 used 365, Period 5 used Google). Google wins my vote in so many categories. ( And we don’t even have access to Foogle classroom yet!) Check the precious 2 or 3 posts I’ve written for more explanations.
      And thanks for reading amd commenting!

  1. Hello Cammie,

    I love that you took a chance with the substitute teacher and used the chrome book computers. I want to be a teacher like yourself who is able to take risks and give the students best chances possible to learn. I also enjoy how your blog is designed, the colors are fun on the front page, yet the entire page still looks professional. I look forward to be able to mark my students assignments at home through the new technology that exists, just as you mentioned above, do you think there are any other educational uses that the chrome books can do for the students?

    I look forward to reading more of your educational posts

    Thanks, Alysha McCubbin

    • Hi Alysha,
      I actually have recently written at least a half dozen posts on Chromebooks, as they are new to our Prairie Rose Division and I am doing are doing a pilot project with them. If you start reading at the November or December post called “Never say Never”, I’ve documented my learning with the Chromebooks. You’ve probably used Chromebooks growing up in SD76 at least a bit?? What is your experience with them as a student?
      You can sign up to get email notifications if you want to follow my blog. I’d be honoured to have another reader!

  2. Hello Cammie,
    Reading this blog really got me excited about the use of technology in classrooms! I feel that technology is constantly changing and completely in the now and it is important as instructors that we grow with it. I found the fact you were able to get all the students to participate and use technology to write and share their essays just shows how far technology will grow. Another thing that this blog showed was that technology isn’t just there to make the students life easier, but the teacher’s as well, by not having to go in to grade papers because of technology is something teachers from the past would’ve dreamed about. How far do you see technology going? Do you think all tests and assignments will be done electronically one day?

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