Chromebooks: 1 week in

The PRRD Chomebook pilot has been underway for 1 whole week. The students have been eager to use them, and with the exception of a few perennial whiners, they are enjoying their speed and keyboards.  Most students are choosing to use the Chromebooks over their phones for paragraph length writing, when given the choice.  And if nothing else, they are learning their login/email addresses, which previously many had not bothered to commit to memory!

Here are the quick take-aways from the first week.

  1. They take a bit longer to distribute and return.

New Chromebook Pilot -machines have arrived

Because of the “plug-in” nature of the cart, and the “log-in” process, there have been a few times in the past week that I passed on having the students do a quick digital activity using the Chromebooks, and instead did a paper or oral version, that might not have been quite as effective, but was less time consuming.


EBHS iPad cart

I’ve become very accustomed to our iPad “cart”. The little cart wheels into the classroom, the students quickly and easily grab an iPad, and can instantly get onto an app. When they are done, they can easily slip the iPad back into the cart on their way out the door while holding their binders or backpacks. This system works so well because we have a wonderful librarian who charges them up every few days. img_1229Ms. Anton has truly been a key to the successful use of iPads in our EBHS classrooms over the past 2 or 3 years.  I’m using the Chromebooks almost every class right now because they are conveniently housed in my classroom right now (and I’ve spent the past few years developing all sorts of digital games, reviews, writing activities,etc.).

However, I’m not sure that I would be as likely to haul the big Chromebook cart to my class for the quick type of quiz/review activities I’ve developed for iPad use.  I’ve already adopted the practice of having students leave the machines on the desks for the next set of users to avoid the time-consuming distribution/return aspect.

2. At this point, they take a bit longer to use.

I discovered in a phone conversation with one of our Digital Technology personnel today, that the Google /Chrome operating system is very new for everyone in the office, so it will be a while before they are able to tweek the machines in ways that will improve classroom convenience/student usability, such as:

  • icons to apps/sites so we don’t have to type addresses into the browser and search for the sites (such as,,,
  • a quick access button to Office 365
  • a QR Code reader (ideally accessed by an icon!) to read QR codes already incorporated into paper lessons

3. We will have to wait a while for some features in our PRRD environment:

  • print capabilities – Apparently print capability is a costly aspect. For high school machines that will primarily be used by many teachers to word process essays, print capability is something we really have our fingers crossed for.
  • Google Classroom – I thought that this would be one of the features that I would be able to test-drive right away. Turns out we have to wait for a fair bit of background work to be accomplished before we will have access.

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