EdPuzzle website …trying something new

EdPuzzle. Check it out for your flipped classroom videos!

EdPuzzle. Check it out for your flipped classroom videos!

Today in my college Ed Tech course, I finally had a chance to test run the website EDpuzzle.  I came across this website on Twitter when EDpuzzle started following me, and as a result, I checked out their product.  I’d say this site is still in its start-up phase, but it has lots of potential, especially in the world of “flipped classrooms”.  Basically, the website allows you to personalize any video from the web by shortening it, adding voice-over content, and embedding comments or quiz questions.

Earlier in the semester, I had hoped to try it out with a grade 10 video on globalization, but it just wasn’t quite the right assignment.  This week, I came up with a solid place for a trial.

While tweaking my “movies in education” lesson for pre-service teachers, I modelled the use of EDpuzzle by shortening and adding project-related comments to an iMovie tutorial.  The video that I personalized could be reached by a URL, and did not require log-in to view….all excellent features.  When my inserted comment points were reached, the video actually stops and shows the comments in a speech bubble to the right of the video.  Students must then choose ‘continue’ or ‘ replay’ in order to finish with the video.  I imagine that some students will find this annoying, but as a teacher, I love that I can have students get my explanations or reminders at the relevant point in the content.

I haven’t yet tried the most intriguing aspect of this product.  If you create a Class and have students login and launch their video watching from the website, it will track their views.  Did they watch the whole thing? Did they review certain parts? And while logged in, they can then also do video quizzes WHILE they watch the video. Like the comments feature, the video stops, presents the questions (multiple choice or short answer) and students must answer the quiz before they can continue.  This will allow students to go at their own pace and re-watch as necessary.  Think of the value of this for flipped classrooms or virtual/online course work!

I haven’t done any test runs with this quiz feature, but I am quite excited to try it, and I’m sure I will be compelled to discuss my experience here!  (Click here, and you might be able to try an interactive video quiz that I eventually created.)

EDpuzzle is new and growing.  One of the downfalls is that you can only clip or shorten content from the beginning or end of a video.  The video tutorial that I was using about iMovie had some content from the middle portions that wasn’t as relevant to the class project.  I couldn’t figure out how to clip this middle content, so I “asked” EDpuzzle if this was even possible. Turns out, the answer is “not yet”, according to the Co-Founder who responded by email to my query.  This is evidence of a being a new ed start-up — when the Co-Founder is answering client emails!  It will be interesting to see how EDpuzzle changes as it grows.

EDTS 325 students, if you are reading this, I would be very interested in your take on the EDpuzzle experience in the comment section way below.


32 thoughts on “EdPuzzle website …trying something new

  1. Hi Cammie,
    I am really glad that I took the time to read your blog after we did the EDpuzzle in class. I thought it was a neat feature to add comments to the video that would help to explain things and I found it useful when we watched the video you made. I had no idea that you could create a class Edpuzzle and track what students watched. I feel this aspects would make the resource very suitable to flipped classrooms because a teacher would know which students are actually doing their homework! Even though I have no experience working with this site myself (yet), I think it would make a great teacher resource!
    Thank you for sharing,

    • I’m glad you found it useful, Emily.
      After our EDTS class I created a video with a QUIZ embedded. So cool, but it wouldn’t load on the wifi at our school, so I haven’t really been able to test it with a group of students.

    • Thanks for commenting, Melissa. I appreciate your thoughts on its usefulness in the college setting.
      After our EDTS class I created a video with a QUIZ embedded. So cool, but it wouldn’t load on the wifi at our school, so I haven’t really been able to test it with a group of students.

  2. Good afternoon Cammie,
    What a wonderful blog this really shows the struggles of trying to fit educational technology to projects in the classroom. It is wonderful when you can finally use the technology for an assignment and have it work really well! As per our educational technology class, I found Edpuzzle was useful as it had comments to explain points further in the video and the added feature of tracking what your students watch is amazing. Then you can see if students are using the material you provide or if they are not, which makes it easier in a flipped classroom setting. This is a huge assets for teachers because then know who has watched and who has not. It is also really helpful for college classes as professors cannot teach all the necessary material in once class, so added videos to show at home to answer questions students may encounter on their assignment’s is incredible. I am going to have to look into this cite, very useful resource!!
    Melissa B.

  3. Ed puzzle seems like a very handy tool for teachers and students. Teachers are able to customize their lessons and videos. It would be perfect for say part of a movie that they want to use for their lesson. In addition, the voiceover would be beneficial for explanations. Moreover, Teachers can track whether students have watched full videos or haven’t watched them at all. Finally, I think it would help teachers organize their lessons as well. They would not have to carry a bunch of quizzes and all the photocopying would be reduced as well. Students would probably love this technology. Most students like technology and most students have a mobile device so this would be convenient for them. Also I think many students would love this technology because its fun and engaging. That is a key to education, FUN!!!

  4. Hi Cammie,
    I am definitely going to look into this Edpuzzle! I can see the benefits as a teacher in the event a very instructional video could be perfect for the lesson; however, there may be developmentally inappropriate material. As a teacher, I can “dub” as a voice-over certain sections deemed developmentally inappropriate for the age I am teaching.

    Assessment would be another great tool for this program to tap into multiple intelligences. For example, if a child is auditory learner, he/she would benefit from hearing the exam versus reading it and attempting to process the questions as a visual learner.

    I do agree with everyone else regarding flipped classrooms and how this tool would be excellent for them. The freedom students have is highly beneficial and of course still comes with accountability because of the ability to see who has viewed the video, as well as for how long. Student “tricks” could not be manipulated in that sense.

    I will be looking more into this cool program!

    Thanks for posting this Cammie,

    Gary M.

  5. Hi Cammie!

    I am definitely going to look further into this Edpuzzle! I can see the benefits of Edpuzzle being highly beneficial for Multiple Intelligences. Some students learn through auditory learning; therefore, teachers being able to create assessments via video versus paper tests would be excellent for them.

    Also, this tool would be great for accommodating age inappropriate material. Though parts cannot be omitted throughout the video (only the beginning and end), teacher’s can “dub” over the material and create their own instruction if it still applies to the lesson.

    I also agree with everyone else’s comments regarding the flipped classroom. This is a great way to approach student accountability because if the student knows their progress is being monitored, they will certainly be inclined to apply more effort.

    Thank you for sharing your blog Cammie, I like your insights!

    Gary M.

  6. The EdPuzzle tool seems to work really well as a tracking tool to assess student completion. The ability to link a quiz could be used to require students to process and express their understanding of material delivered by video. There is a lot of educational potential in EdPuzzle. I might add a screen capture to my blog just to remind myself to explore it further if we aren’t going to work with it in class.

  7. Hi Cammie,
    Like most of my colleagues I agree that the Edpuzzle is an effective tool in the toolbox of a teacher. I liked the fact that it increases the engagement of a video in class, by allowing the teacher to highlight the important points of a video with seamless questions inserted into the file. these question and the fact the students must stop to answer them creates the added engagement that might be required for a video presentation. a second feasture that i Like was the ease of use. little training was required to produce a quality product.The additional audio note may also prove to be effective in the case that a sub is using the video, it may add clarity to the process. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Wade Carrier

    • Thanks, Wade.
      Just yesterday I finally successfully used Edpuzzle with my high school English classes. I had tried previously but the Wi-Fi would not support the program running on so many devices at one time. My students were split about 50-50, between preferring Edpuzzle and the previous method I was using which involved a program called Socrative. The students who preferred Edpuzzle like the fact that they could repeat the video clip as many times as they needed.
      The teacher diagnostics on Edpuzzle are pretty incredible, so that makes,it very teacher friendly.
      I appreciate your feedback.

  8. Hi Cammie,
    Like most of my colleagues I agree that the Edpuzzle is an effective tool in the toolbox of a teacher. I liked the fact that it increases the engagement of a video in class, by allowing the teacher to highlight the important points of a video with seamless questions inserted into the file. these question and the fact the students must stop to answer them creates the added engagement that might be required for a video presentation. a second feasture that i Like was the ease of use. little training was required to produce a quality product.The additional audio note may also prove to be effective in the case that a sub is using the video, it may add clarity to the process. Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Wade Carrier

  9. Hi Cammie,
    I found EDpuzzle to be a great way of testing student’s knowledge of a topic or issue in the classroom. I believe it can be used in many ways to introduce topics or have students show their undrrstanding by editing a video with it.

  10. Hi Cammie,

    I am thankful that you allowed time for us to explore the value of this website in class. I believe that it allows for the interaction in a classroom that is often so needed when working with students. It allows for students to take the material that they are presented with and immediately make another connection to it. It was relatively easy to use and will be something that I will be using in my classroom. Being able to add an audio note to the video for further instruction will become a huge asset when it is need to further explain a concept or how to answer a question. Thanks for sharing the site. Are there any other sites that you are aware of that are similar?

    Brittney Peters

    • Glad you enjoyed EDPuzzle, Brittany.
      A site that we will use later called Spiral.ac has a new video feature that may be somewhat similar, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Sites just keep changing! Even EDPuzzle is different than a few months ago.

      • Thank Cammie,
        I will have to check it out! Just as technology continues to “update” or “grow,” I hope to see myself “update” or”grow” as newer, better, more inspired, and driven versions come as a result.

  11. Good Afternoon Cammie,
    I am very glad I took the time to read about your thoughts on Ed Puzzle. I agree with you that Ed Puzzle is a easy and creative way to do flipped classrooms which is becoming more popular. It will be a very useful tool for my classroom in the future. Since it gives a very personal and interactive way to communicate with students without the normal lecture style. I think that students will find Ed Puzzle interesting and a fun way to learn as well as give them a chance to learn in a different way.

  12. Hi Cammie,
    I would have to agree that EDpuzzle is a great site for teachers to incorporate a different approach when showing their students an instructional video. As a first time user, I thought EDpuzzle was easy to navigate and uploading my video took no time at all. My only criticism would be its editing function. Not having the opportunity to cut unnecessary content in the middle of the video is annoying, however I’m sure that it will be something the site will develop going forward. In the future I will continue to use EDpuzzle and recommend it to my colleagues.

    • Hi Tyler,
      I totally agree that it would be great to cut content from the middle of a video. That is also my biggest criticism of the program, and I have been letting them know that for some time. It would be useful to make a polite remark to EDPuzzle on Twitter regarding that request!

  13. Hi Cammie,
    I quite enjoyed reading your experiences with using and discovering Edpuzzle. Until being a student in your EDTS 325 class I had never heard of Edpuzzle or any other program like it. I must say that after creating my own Edpuzzle video that I love this program and the elements that it brings to the classroom. I look forward to taking Edpuzzle with me into my own classroom and showing it to my colleagues that have not yet discovered it. I 100% agree with the comment you made about this teaching tool giving students an opportunity to work at their own pace; I believe that this is important as some students thrive when they have a little extra time to really understand the content/assignment in front of them! I thought it was really cool that you included a link to a Edpuzzle that you had created so that people could try it out, I would have never thought to do that. The point you made about only being able to the the video from either the beginning or the end has me wondering if there are other sites similar to Edpuzzle that allow you to make cuts in the middle? Do you know of any sites like this? This was a great read and I look forward to reading more of your educational blog post!
    Stephanie S.

  14. Hi Cammie,
    I also love that with EdPuzzle we as educators can insert a question and make the video stop so the students can reinforce their knowledge through a question or reinforcing the content again. As educators we might not always be able to tell if our students are learning the material and with this way we know that they have the option to replay the puzzle so they can pick up the key points to have an understanding.

    By being a student in your EDTS 325 class I was introduced to EdPuzzle and fell in love with it. I loved using EdPuzzle. It was a really cool way to present the material. I was able to insert my EdPuzzle video into my lessons about colours, to make it more fun and enjoyable for the students to participate. I look forward to creating more fun and exciting EdPuzzles to use in my classroom.


    • Hi Kent,
      I’m glad you add the EDPuzzle into the lesson that you built in Smart Notebook. There will probably be other opportunities to add more lesson options to your Colour Lesson as we go along in our course.

  15. Hello Cammie,
    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on EdPuzzle. I liked how you explained your process for integrating EdPuzzle in your class. I thought EdPuzzle was fairly straight forward to use but I did not like how my voice sounded within the video. The audio quality was a bit poor. I think EdPuzzle has value within the classroom but feel that my end product was not particularly polished. I would be interested to see how it’s application is used in the future for lessons. I would revisit using it but am not sure if it would be an application I would turn to first.

    • Hi Nicole,
      I don’t like the sound of my recorded voice either…I think that’s a pretty common teacher thing! The audio quality can sometimes be the result of the microphone used, but sometimes education apps are built to be quite “streamlined” so that they can work on many different platforms, thus resulting in a less than ‘studio sound.’ Other apps are trying to replicate the EDPuzzle experience, so let me know if you come across one that you prefer.

  16. Hi Cammie,

    I agree on your blog post and opinions on Edpuzzle this site would make an excellent classroom resource. By providing teachers with the ability to shorten, comment and add questions to existing videos it only enhances students learning experiences. Edpuzzle reaches multiple learning styles through visual and auditory communication which helps to reinforce the information. By teachers having the ability to track students views, the teacher is provided with a better understanding of where the students are at individually. Another benefit of Edpuzzle is that students are able to work through the information at their own pace. While Edpuzzle is still evolving it offers teachers a great resource for flipped classroom settings.


  17. Hi Cammie, I am thankful that you included EDpuzzle in our learning journey. I agree that the site would be useful in a classroom setting and I think I would use it in my classroom. I was not thrilled about the voice over feature as my voice sounded strange and it was not extremely user friendly. I think this will be a great addition to my technical teacher toolbox.

  18. Hi Cammie,
    I really enjoyed your blog about EDpuzzle. As a pre service teacher I thought that EDpuzzle was perfect for starting to learn about different sites that we can use to incorporate information in our everyday lesson plans. I was really excited to try this out and it is something that I will for sure be using in my future! It is a great way to start a lesson plan and also finish one with being able to incorporate comments and different styles of questions within the video that the students must answer. I also really liked that I was able to find a video about the four seasons, add questions that would be appropriate for grade 1 students and then incorporate it into my lesson plan!

    • Hi Danica,
      The ease with which you can use an existing video from YouTube is one of the best parts of creating with EDPuzzle. Although, the sample video we used in class was no longer ‘accessible’ through EDPuzzle due to copyright changes, so I had to go back and download the video, upload it to EDPuzzle and recreate all of my questions. That wasn’t so convenient, but I still think EDPuzzle was worth it!

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