Book Study #1 – Tangible outcomes

Well, we didn’t quite make it for the beginning of the semester, but our “tangible goal” from our first ever EBHS book study is now a reality. 

Our goal was to create a school-wide list of commonly misspelled and confused (eg. affect, effect) words that every student would carry with them in their binder. The dream is that it will become second nature for all our students to pull this word reference out on their desk when they write.  We hope it can become one more strategy to help students ( and teachers like me) who sometimes struggle with spelling.

Last week Mrs. Laturnas and I spent some time formatting the list to two pages and then spent some more quality time together trying to convince our new photocopier to print on our cardstock.  We finally were victorious over the photocopier and there are now 5 or 6 class sets that we are using at EBHS, first in the classes of our book study teachers.   We’ll make changes as needed before we sell our vision to the school for 2nd semester.  

Perhaps some of the participating teachers will be inclined to leave comments here over the semester as updates on our vision…..


2 thoughts on “Book Study #1 – Tangible outcomes

  1. Can I get a copy of the original attempt and give it to the 30-1 Social. If there are any errors or omissions, we will find them.

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