A Great New Web 2.0 photo tool

Useful for home and school!

The next topic in EDTS 325 will be Web 2.0.

Really, every lesson so far that Dave and I have taught has been interspersed with Web 2.0 applications. The world of Web 2.0 tools changes constantly, and the tools themselves are constantly updating and changing.  As soon as I get comfortable using one in class, it updates and changes, always based on user feedback of course.

As I was updating this lesson from the last time Dave taught it, I found it easy to get swept away in the new tools and ideas out there.  Although most “Top Web 2.0 tools in Education” lists contain tools that I already use regularly for school or personal use, there are always new ones appearing.  Cool Tools for School is a wiki page that has a great library of Web 2.0 tools and we’ll use that as a jumping off spot for researching Web 2.0 tools.

A new tool that I came across on Shannon Miller’s Web 2.0 Symbaloo Page is Pinwords.com. This is a simple new site in beta form, but it has a beautiful, simple premise.  It is a simple and easy web tool for adding text to pictures either from urls or your files.  Pinterest users will love this.  My practice photo took less than a minute to create…and that included finding a photo from the web! I imagine this will work great with one of my favourite Web 2.0 photo sites, Tag Galaxy.

Hmm…. I wonder how this operates on an ipad…..


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