A timely reminder on the importance of blogging.

It’s been just over a year since I’ve convinced myself to jump into the pool of teachers who blog.  While I’m not a blogging rock-star by any means, I’ve found the process to be stretching and am generally pleased that I’ve posted at least monthly.  It certainly is entertaining to have a record of my continual evolution as a teacher!

This fall I started co-teaching a college course to pre-service teachers on Education and Technology. This week’s topic is the Power of a Personal Learning Network and taking some steps to start creating one. For part of this lesson, the prof that I’m taking over from had students create a personal website as a digital portfolio. A website is great for them to have, but I really believe that blogging is a more ‘PLN’ type activity and soooo important for building a network. It’s so much more interactive than a website about oneself. I was struggling to decide whether to go ahead with having them create a blog as part of the class, and then I came across this blog post from George Couros, a respected Canadian voice on technology in education:  4 Reasons People Don’t Blog and Ideas to Change Their Minds

George’s blog reassured me that blogging is  definitely the right seed to plant in new educators.  (We’ll still create the website…later.) To help get them hooked, we’ll use their new blog as an ‘exit’ slip type activity for the rest of the course, and have them comment on each other’s perspectives.  Hopefully this will help these budding teachers experience the importance of being stretched and poked by others in their PLN. That kind of learning extends well beyond technology and into the habits of a life-long learner.


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