A Moment to Celebrate!

It’s official as of an hour ago when I completed the oral exit exam for my Masters of Education degree from Gonzaga University….I’m done! No more papers, no more presentations, no more weekend classes, no more full-time student/full-time teacher status. Just waiting for my ‘parchment’ in the mail.

I’m sitting with a bit of shock and disbelief that this two-year journey has ended. Although it has, of course, been lots of hard work, It has been a wonderful season of intensive learning…learning from my profs , learning from my colleagues, learning through reading, writing, and reflecting, learning through my action research project/capstone….

Learning with a cohort community has been a wonderfully powerful learning experience; we’ve not only learned with each other, but from each other. Even as the face of education may change in the future, I wish for all students and education professionals the opportunity to learn in community.


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