12th Grade Fizzling….I Get It Now

Every year, I prefer to not have to teach grade 12 students during the second semester.  At our school graduation ceremonies are in early May, which means that graduating students have four to five weeks left before the end of the semester and exams. Getting them to do work in class takes extra effort, and convincing them that they should be reviewing and studying for exams often seems futile.  They don’t even appreciate my “countdown to diploma exam” text messages through @Remind101 with study links attached.

I have to admit, however, that this year, I quite get it.  Like them, I am nearing the end of another leg of my own educational journey. Like them, I have even already enjoyed the celebration of my convocation for my Masters in Education. This weekend, as I sit through weekend 39 of 40, of hours 380-390 of 400, I really get it.  At this point, like most of my students, I’m quite sure that I’ve obtained my degree, so the strength of character to finish strong seems a bit difficult to find.

It seems so much harder to concentrate!  

It seems so much harder to listen attentively to my peers!

It seems so much harder to find the inner strength to give an honest effort in my final course projects!

I get it….but come Monday, we’ll still review hard for the Provincial Diploma Exam!


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