Edcamp is cool … sad I missed #edcampyeg

Three Novembers ago now, I had the great fortune to attend  the inaugural Edcamp Edmonton (#edcampyeg).  Three other teachers from my school in Medicine Hat and myself packed into a car on a Friday night and drove the six hours to Edmonton.  Edcamps were a very fresh concept and we were excited to check out one of the first ones to be held in Canada.  One of my colleagues had heard about it, on Twitter of course, and gathered a posse of twits who were interested in being connected educators and developing our PLN. 

We were in awe of the beautiful new space that we were hosted in at Lillian Osborne High School and had a fabulous day of learning and being inspired.  We met and connected with educators from our own twitterverses and expanded our PLNs.  It didn’t hurt that the $5 lunch was fantastic.  And of course 12 hours in a car with colleagues (return trip) is a lot of good time to dream about the future of education in your own building!

While none of us Medicine Hatters who made the first trip have been back to EdCamp Edmonton, we discuss the possibility every fall.  Maybe next year….. 

And in the mean time, I hear there is an edcamp coming to Lethbridge, a much closer drive, on January 25th (#Lethcamp).  I’m starting to rally the troops!


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